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A Gas Station And Bitcoin


I just recently saw that a gas station in the United States of America is now letting its customers fill up gas using bitcoin, which makes it very likely to be the very first business that would allow the purchase of fossil fuels with the use of cryptocurrency. The station has actually completed its proper and successful transactions since it began accepting bitcoin at the start of January. The person said that he started taking bitcoin, above all, to support the bitcoin market. The gas station is in Colorado and is called cosmic market, and it also has a convenience store attached to it. Here is where you will find proof that you can actually use this kind of currency like bitcoin to buy gas. They have put up that bitcoin is accepted there, and the poster does claim the truth.

claim the truth.

The number of cosmic market customers that have the ability to pay in bitcoin is certainly really tiny right now, but they are certainly really happy that such a service exists.

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The owner of the store has stated that he bought the store out of complete stupidity and that he has learnt a lot since then. The gas stations business is very competitive, and it is also apparently really hard to make money is what he says. At first, the gas station owner started to accept this, so currency and he also says that it is perhaps not surprising that he wants new ways to accept money. This strategy, according to him, has helped a lot of employees and he has also said that it has increased the profits at the cosmic market. He has also said that he will expand to a retail floor soon. He has also said that he will put in some unique items.

He has also said that ever since he started accepting bitcoin the customers smile at him, and he also says that most of the customers that no one bitcoin is a really happy that he has started to accept bitcoin. I personally think that this is amazing because the value of bitcoin can actually shoot up at any minute right now and it could be worth thousands of dollars more than what it is worth today, and that is why I feel that it is really clever that this man is accepting bitcoin. Bitcoin has actually been a really big deal for the past 10 years or so ever since it was invented back in the 2000s. There was a time when bitcoin hit $11,000 per bitcoin, and that is something that could literally happen at any time, all you have to do is just be patient if you have bitcoin.